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The training links below are representative of classroom, presentation, and online materials I have created for:

  • Higher Education Faculty

  • K through 12th grade teachers

  • Corporate Training in Technology

  • Multi-cultural technology training

  • Healthcare medicaid workers

To see samples of Instructor Led Training (ILT) I've developed in areas such as: Leadership, Management, Organizational Development, Communications, Being an Effective Role Model, Problem Solving, Business Skills, and Software Instruction and Education please contact me via e-mail at khanexp@aol.com.

Accessibility and the Internet:
What you need to know

Teaching with Technology, 2002
Instructional Presentation Handout
for accessibility training presented at the
Teaching With Technology Conference,
June 2002, and at the Center for
Innovations in Teaching and Technology Faculty Workshop, May 2002



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accessibility handout

Fireworks Training Tutorial created for Learning Peaks and presented at the 2003 Los Angeles Online Learning Conference. I have also assisted Dr. Patti Shank at the San Francisco 2004 OLL Conference, and am scheduled to work with her again at this February's 2005 New Orleans OLL Conference.FireworksBasicsPDF


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Afghan Women Training Materials
In the summer of 2002, the University of Colorado at Denver (UCD) was selected as one of five universities to provide technology training to a group of Afghan women. The purpose of this training was to teach them necessary technology/internet skills, so they could assume a leadership role in the reconstruction, and development of Afghanistan.



Example of multi-cultural Internet training for grant writing research


presentation materials

Archaeology Site
This site offers online training for k through 12 teachers in how to teach archaeology to children. I taught this class myself at Horizon's Alternative School in Boulder, Co and was asked to assemble and archive my lecture notes so that the curriculum could be taught in future sessions. Please click on the right icon to see the site.

This project was a recepient of the Apple Foundation's Excellence in Education Award for Science curriculum.



Example of online teacher training created for teaching archaeology curriculum to k through 12th grade students.

archaeology site

Portfolio Assessment Site
An instructional website developed for faculty and student learners on the purpose, use, and creation of assessment and digital portfolios. This site was used as a training tool for discussing digital portfolio options with various departments at CU.
Electonic Assessment Portfolio Site



Example of higher ed faculty assessment portfolio training eap site

This site is currently being developed as an online training for Colorado Community Healthcare Networks. It is intended as a stand alone training tool, and ongoing resource for medicaid intake workers. Please click on the right icon for a preliminary view of this site.




Example of social worker /healthcare training cchn site

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