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Q What is Instructional Design?

Q What are design systems, and who is this ADDIE character?

Q What are people talking about when they refer to?
Blooms Taxonomy
Kirkpatrick's Levels
Gagne's Events of Instruction

Q What are the necessary components of good training, instruction, courses,
e-learning, text books, manuals, job aids, presentations, newsletters,
e-zines, and informational web sites?

Examples of sites.

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Instructional Design - What I do

Transformative Designs specializes in transforming hard to understand, complex, or abstract information, into clear, useful, and measurable training and instruction. I am deeply committed to understanding learner and client needs, so that I may correctly identify all the training issues, set clear objectives and develop excellent instructional materials. I deliver high quality reusable instruction, assessment, and presentation content through computer based, online, instructor led, and print mediums.

Having earned a Masters in Education and Information Learning Technologies, my professional knowledge is built upon sound learning theory, strong research and writing skills, and a current knowledge of innovative instructional methods. I continually upgrade and enhance my education through local and international training, design conferences and workshops, so that I may provide the best individually crafted product for your specific instructional or training needs. I am knowledgeable about a wide variety of learning technologies, and will assist you in understanding and choosing between packaged, open source software, or in-house designed training. I find “simpler” is often the best answer to training projects, and believe well written instruction, built on insightful analysis and good planning is key to excellent reusable and flexible instruction.

How it’s done

Every training or instructional project is unique, and the early stages of analysis and planning are the most crucial for success. Therefore, I first carefully analyze the specific client and learner needs, identifying and aligning objectives to measurable outcomes. I specify the components that are most crucial to your goals, define the scope of the project, and identify what content and resources are required, or already available. I then collaborate with you to find the best methods to meet your learner needs, and prototype a variety of instructional alternatives to demonstrate a comparison of available options.

Prototypes are created through storyboarding, via graphic software sketches, or demonstrations to portray a strong “look and feel” of the final product. Once a prototype is selected I assemble a team, either drawing on in-house experts, or local networks of technical writers, subject matter experts, web designers, and graphic artists, to manage your project to a successful completion. Several evaluation stages are built into devlopment and implementation to examine usability, enhance design and prove return on investment.

On the right are answers to some common questions about Instructional Design, traditional methodologies, and current trends and issues.

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