Sumarian stone carved figures clasping hands in worshipin


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Level A
Greek/Roman expansion 400BC-300AD
Broken red and red/black pottery, glass beads, Roman and Greek coins.
Town center, or trading area.

Level B
Babylon 2,000-500 BC
Broken glazed tiles, 2 bronze pots, carbon and ash, iron points, Babylonian carved tablet, glass beads, Egyptian cats head, bones, teeth, and little goat statue.
Temple, or town center, destroyed in battle.

Level C
Stable society 5,000-3,000 BC
Glasswork, scribe cuneiform tablets, wheeled pottery.
Scribe classroom

Level D
Emerging Civilization 10,000-6,000 BC
Bronze points, wooden comb, early cuneiform seal, basketry, wheels, donkey tooth, hand built pottery, bronze bracelet, 2 ram heads, wooden "thingy", fish bones. Include barley grain in with broken pottery.

Level E
Neo-lithic pre 10,000 BC
2 petroglyphs, reed, carbon and ash for hearth, red clay fetishes, teeth, bones, stone points, and flakes, copper bowl and hand built pottery.
Tribal hunter/gatherer community in reed and mud hut site.